Louisiana Assessors’ Insurance Fund


The Louisiana Assessors’ Insurance Fund was founded on August 30, 1988, pursuant to LA R.S. 47:1922 to administer the health, life, and dental group benefits program.

The program has seen changes in the past, but its basic goal is to assure that the members of the Association have health, accidental death, dental and life insurance, which meet the needs of its members. Currently, the self-funded insured program services about 1,700 members. The group health insurance plan is managed by a committee of elected assessors’, assessor employees and retirees.

The program has an Open Enrollment period from December 1st to December 31st of each year. Open Enrollment is a period of time when eligible employees who are not covered under the Assessors’ Insurance program may elect to begin coverage, and covered employees will be given an opportunity to change their coverage elections.

During the Open Enrollment period members are allowed to make changes (such as add or drop dependents) to their coverage with no qualifying event (ex. marriage, birth, employment status). If eligible employees who wish to be added to the plan or make changes to their coverage do not do so during the Open Enrollment period then the member must wait until the next Open Enrollment period to do so. However, if a qualifying event occurs (such as marriage, birth, employment status etc.) members are allowed to make changes to their coverage.  Any child(ren) who are covered as a dependent on the plan will receive coverage until they turn 26 years old, at which time coverage will be terminated.

New members who enroll during Open Enrollment will become eligible for coverage effective January 1st of the next year.

 For assistance regarding eligibility or claim issues, please contact Member Services at 1-800-925-4446 or (225) 928-8886.

Insurance Forms

The asterisk (*) in front of the forms means the Assessor should provide these forms to new hires at the time of employment.

Guardian Handbook for Life, AD&D & Your Life Certificate:

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