Louisiana Assessors’ Association


The Louisiana Assessors’ Association is composed of sixty-four assessors, one from each parish. The office of assessor is an elected position as provided by the constitution of Louisiana. Each parish assessor is elected at the gubernatorial election for a four-year term of office.

Each assessor is mandated by Article VII, Section 18 of the Constitution of Louisiana to determine the fair market value of all property subject to taxation within his respective parish or district except those public service properties which are valued by the Louisiana Tax Commission. The correctness of assessments by the assessor is subject to review by each parish governing authority, then by the Louisiana Tax Commission, and finally by the respective courts.

Article VII, Section 18 further provides the following classifications of property which are subject to ad valorem taxation and the percentage of fair market value applicable to each classification for the purpose of determining assessed valuation:





Improvements for residential purposes


Electric cooperative properties, excluding land


Public service properties, excluding land


Other property


Article VII, Section 20 provides that the bona fide homestead, consisting of a tract of land or two or more tracts of land with a residence on one tract and a field, pasture, or garden on the other tract or tracts, not exceeding one hundred sixty acres, buildings and appurtenances, whether rural or urban, owned and occupied by any person, shall be exempt from state, parish, and special ad valorem taxes to the extent of seven thousand five hundred dollars of the assessed valuation. The same homestead exemption also applies to the primary residence, including a mobile home, which serves as a bona fide home and which is owned and occupied by any person, regardless of whether the homeowner owns the land upon which the home or mobile home is sited; however, the homestead exemption does not apply to the land upon which such primary residence is sited if the homeowner does not own the land.

The homestead exemption extends to the surviving spouse or minor children of a deceased owner and shall apply when the homestead is occupied as such and title to it is held by either husband or wife but not to more than one homestead owned by the husband or wife.

The homestead exemption does not extend to municipal taxes. However, the exemption shall apply (a) in Orleans Parish, to state, general city, school, levee, and levee district taxes and (b) to any municipal taxes levied for school purposes.

The constitution authorizes the legislature to provide for tax relief to residential lessees in the form of credits or rebates in order to provide equitable tax relief similar to that granted to homeowners through homestead exemptions.

Assessors List

Acadia Parish

James J. ''Jimbo'' Petitjean - Assessor

500 Court Circle (Courthouse, 2nd Floor)
Crowley, LA 70527

P. O. Box 1329
Crowley, LA 70527-1329

Phone: 337-788-8871
Fax: 337-788-0523
Email: acadiaassessor@gmail.com
Website: www.acadiaassessor.org

Jeffery Bourgeois - Chief Deputy

Allen Parish

Richard C. Earl - Assessor

Office Street Address:
400 W. 6th Avenue (Courthouse)
Oberlin, LA 70655

P. O. Box 218
Oberlin, LA 70655

Phone: 337-639-4391
Fax: 337-639-4196
Email: Compose Email

Lewis Willilams - Chief Deputy
Ramona Manuel - Office Manager

Ascension Parish

M. J. Mert Smiley - Assessor

815 E. Worthey Street
Gonzales, LA 70737

P. O. Box 544
Donaldsonville, LA 70346

Phone: 225-647-8182
Fax: 225-644-5029
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.ascensionassessor.com
Holly Joffrion - Chief Deputy (Interim)
Linda Malbrough - Secretary

Assumption Parish

Wayne Blanchard - Assessor

4809 Highway 1
Napoleonville, LA 70390

P. O. Box 576
Napoleonville, LA 70390

Phone: 985-369-6385
Fax: 985-369-7049
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://ap-assessor.org

Wendy Baldwin - Chief Deputy
Email: Chief Deputy Email

Avoyelles Parish

Heath Pastor - Assessor

312 N. Main Street
Marksville, LA 71351

P. O. Box 806
Marksville, LA 71351

Phone: 318-253-4507
Fax: 318-253-8828
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://avoyellesassessor.org

Taylor Riche - Chief Deputy
Deshea Gauthier - Secretary

Beauregard Parish

Brent Rutherford - Assessor

214 W. 2nd Street
DeRidder, LA 70634

P. O. Box 477
DeRidder, LA 70634

Phone: 337-463-8945
Fax: 337-463-8980
Email: brentr@bpassessor.com
Website: http://www.bpassessor.com

Rhonda Farris - Chief Deputy
Email: Chief Deputy Email

Bienville Parish

Carol T. Brown - Assessor

100 Courthouse Drive, Suite 1200
Arcadia, LA 71001

Phone: 318-263-2214
Fax: 318-263-7439
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.bienvilleassessor.com

Bossier Parish

Bobby W. Edmiston - Assessor

204 Burt Boulevard
Benton, LA 71006

P. O. Box 325
Benton, LA 71006-0325

Phone: 318-965-2213
Fax: 318-965-0274
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.bossierparishassessor.org

E. Scott Stephens - Chief Deputy

Caddo Parish

Charles R. Henington, Jr. - Assessor

501 Texas St., Room 102, Courthouse
Shreveport, LA 71101

Phone: 318-226-6711
Fax: 318-227-1009
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.caddoassessor.org

Robert Thomas - Chief Deputy
Candi Hart - Secretary

Calcasieu Parish

Wendy Curphy Aguillard - Assessor

1011 Lakeshore Drive #101
Lake Charles, LA 70601

P. O. Box 1346
Lake Charles, LA 70602

Phone: 337-721-3000
Fax: 337-721-3021
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.calcasieuassessor.org
Tracy Clark, Administrative Assistant - Office Manager
Jaseper Hutto, Office Coordinator

Caldwell Parish

Scott Meredith - Assessor

201 Main Street, Suite 3
Columbia, LA 71418

P. O. Box 1446
Columbia, LA 71418

Phone: 318-649-2636
Fax: 318-649-2616
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://caldwellassessor.com/


Cameron Parish

H. Scott Lavergne - Assessor

110 Smith Circle, Suite A
Cameron, LA 70631

P. O. Box 1100
Cameron, LA 70631-1100

Phone: 337-775-5416
Fax: 337-775-7898
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://cameronassessor.com/

Michelle George - Chief Deputy
Michelle George - Office Manager

Catahoula Parish

Matt Taylor - Assessor

301 Bushley Street
Harrisonburg, LA 71340

P. O. Box 570
Harrisonburg, LA 71340

Phone: 318-744-5291
Fax: 318-744-5334
Email: Compose Email

Vickie Bass - Chief Deputy

Claiborne Parish

Bob Robinson - Assessor

508 East Main Street
Homer, LA 71040

Phone: 318-927-3022
Fax: 318-927-5941
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.claiborneassessor.org

Sarena Cox - Chief Deputy

Concordia Parish

Jeannie M. Archer - Assessor

4001 Carter Street, Room 3
Vidalia, LA 71373

Phone: 318-336-5122
Fax: 318-336-5123
Email: Compose Email

Stephanie Tillman - Chief Deputy

Desoto Parish

Anne Gannon - Assessor

212 Adams Street
Mansfield, LA 71052

Phone: 318-872-3610
Fax: 318-872-9434
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.desotoassessor.org

Tremecia Robinson - Chief Deputy

East Baton Rouge Parish

Brian Wilson - Assessor

222 St. Louis Street, Room 126
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Phone: 225-389-5125
Fax: 225-389-8483
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.ebrpa.org

Blane Jarreau - Chief Deputy
Prentist Higginbotham at Baton Rouge Main Office - Office Manager
Catalina Bogdan and Ann Piazza, Assistants - Secretary

East Carroll Parish

Barbara McDaniel - Assessor

400 First Street, Suite 10
Lake Providence, LA 71254

Phone: 318-559-2850
Fax: 318-559-1051
Email: Compose Email

Kristin H. Densmore - Chief Deputy

East Feliciana Parish

Jeffrey D. Gardner - Assessor

12064 Marston Street
Clinton, LA 70722

P. O. Box 263
Clinton, LA 70722

Phone: 225-683-8945
Fax: 225-683-8042
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://efassessor.com

Charles Snyder - Chief Deputy

Evangeline Parish

Chris Guillory - Assessor

200 Court Street, Suite 103
Ville Platte, LA 70586

Phone: 337-363-4310
Fax: 337-363-4325
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.evangelineassessor.com/

Joshua Fontenot - Chief Deputy
Email: Chief Deputy Email

Franklin Parish

Rod Elrod - Assessor

6552 Main Street
Winnsboro, LA 71295

Phone: 318-435-5390
Fax: 318-435-5302
Email: Compose Email

Adron Henderson - Chief Deputy
Sharon Ferrington - Office Manager

Grant Parish

Keith Maxwell - Assessor

200 Main Street, Courthouse Building
Colfax, LA 71417

Phone: 318-627-5471
Fax: 318-627-5625
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://grantassessor.org

Melinda Lashley - Chief Deputy

Iberia Parish

Ashlie Spiker - Assessor

121 West Pershing St., Ste. 100
New Iberia, LA 70560

Phone: 337-369-4415
Fax: 337-369-4406
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.iberiaassessor.org

Jana D. Leblanc - Office Manager

Iberville Parish

John Randall "Randy" Sexton - Assessor

58050 Meriam Street
Plaquemine, LA 70765

P. O. Box 697
Plaquemine, LA 70765

Phone: 225-687-3568
Fax: 225-687-3103
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.ibervilleassessor.org

Clint Seneca - Chief Deputy
Katie Falcon - Office Manager

Jackson Parish

Walter ''Glen'' Kirkland - Assessor

500 East Court, Room 101
Jonesboro, LA 71251

Phone: 318-259-2151
Fax: 318-259-5672
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.jacksonassessor.org

Brenda G. Jefferson - Chief Deputy
Brenda G Jefferson - Office Manager

Jefferson Parish

Thomas J. Capella - Assessor

Additional Address at 1221 Elmwood Park Boulevard, Suite 901, New Orleans, LA 70123

200 Derbigny Street, Suite 1100
Gretna, LA 70053

Phone: 504-362-4100
Fax: 504-366-4087
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.jpassessor.net/

Tim Porteous - Chief Deputy
Georgie Delahoussaye, Personal Assistant - Office Manager

Jefferson Davis Parish

Donald G. Kratzer - Assessor

300 N. State Street, Suite 103
Jennings, LA 70546

Phone: 337-824-3451
Fax: 337-824-7681
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.jeffdavisassessor.org

Lafayette Parish

Conrad Comeaux - Assessor

1010 Lafayette St.
Suite 402
Lafayette, LA 70501

P. O. Box 3225
Lafayette, LA 70502-3225

Phone: 337-291-7080
Fax: 337-291-7086
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.lafayetteassessor.com
Jodi Hebert - Chief Deputy
Email: Chief Deputy Email
Vicki Chrisman, Administrator - Office Manager
Email: vickic@lafayetteassessor.com

Lafourche Parish

Wendy Thibodeaux - Assessor

403 St. Louis Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Phone: 985-447-7242
Fax: 985-447-8060
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.lpao.net
Riechelle Roy - Director of Administration - Office Manager
Britni Bouzigard, Personal Assistant - Secretary

Lasalle Parish

Tom Kendrick - Assessor

1050 Courthouse Street, Room 19
Jena, LA 71342

P. O. Box 400
Jena , LA 71342

Phone: 318-992-8256
Fax: 318-992-8257
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://www.lasalleassessor.com/

Blake Phillips - Chief Deputy
Email: Chief Deputy Email
Jaime Brock, Personal Assistant - Secretary

Lincoln Parish

Billy McBride - Assessor

307 Homer Street, Suite 100
Ruston, LA 71270

P. O. Box 1218
Ruston, LA 71273-1218

Phone: 318-251-5140
Fax: 318-251-5142
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://www.lpassessor.com/

Beverly J. Aswell - Chief Deputy
Haley Hogan - Office Manager

Livingston Parish

Jeffrey ''Jeff'' Taylor - Assessor

20400 Government Boulevard
Livingston, LA 70754

P. O. Box 307
Livingston, LA 70754

Phone: 225-686-7278
Fax: 225-686-2004
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://livingstonassessor.com/

Tim McMasters - Chief Deputy
Molli Latil - Office Manager

Madison Parish

Jim D. Sevier - Assessor

100 N. Cedar Street
Tallulah, LA 71282

P. O. Box 423
Tallulah, LA 71284

Phone: 318-574-0117
Fax: 318-574-0127
Email: Compose Email
Rose F. Claxton - Office Manager

Morehouse Parish

Carol Lococo Lord - Assessor

Office Street Address:
106 East Jefferson Avenue
Bastrop, LA 71220

P. O. Box 1177
Bastrop, LA 71221-1177

Phone: 318-281-1802
Fax: 318-281-8601
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.mpassess.org


Natchitoches Parish

Tim Page - Assessor

200 Church Street, Room 105
Natchitoches, LA 71457

P. O. Box 201
Natchitoches, LA 71458

Phone: 318-352-2377
Fax: 318-352-9309
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.natchitochesassessor.org/

Yolanda C. Reed - Chief Deputy

Orleans Parish

Erroll G. Williams - Assessor

City Hall - Room 4E01, 1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: 504-658-1313
Fax: 504-658-1353
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.nolaassessor.com

Marina Kahn - Chief Deputy
Wanda Newman - Office Manager

Ouachita Parish

Stephanie Smith, AAS, CLA - Assessor

300 St. John Street, Room 103
Monroe, LA 71201

P. O. Box 1127
Monroe, LA 71210-1127

Phone: 318-327-1300; direct 318-361-4174
Fax: 318-327-1311
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.opassessor.com/

Morgan Herring, CLDA - Chief Deputy

Plaquemines Parish

Sara Taylor - Assessor

106 Avenue G
Belle Chasse, LA 70037

P. O. Box 7129
Belle Chasse, LA 70037

Phone: 504-934-6570
Fax: 504-934-6599
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.plaqueminesassessor.com/


Pointe Coupee Parish

James A. "Jimmy" Laurent, Jr. - Assessor

TEMPORARY ADDRESS (May 15-~November 15, 2024)
3422 Ewing Drive
New Roads, LA  70760

211 E. Main Street, Suite 4, Courthouse Bldg.
New Roads, LA 70760

Phone: 225-638-7077
Fax: 225-638-4370
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://www.ptcoupeeassessor.com/

Louis Hebert - Chief Deputy

Rapides Parish

Richard I. "Rick" Ducote, Jr. - Assessor

701 Murray Street, Suite 101
Alexandria, LA 71301

Phone: 318-448-8511
Fax: 318-443-7354
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.rapidesassessor.org/

Caroline D. Simons - Chief Deputy
Rebecca J. Alexander - Office Manager

Red River Parish

Dovie Beard - Assessor

615 E. Carroll Street
Coushatta, LA 71019

P. O. Box 509
Coushatta, LA 71019

Phone: 318-932-4922
Fax: 318-932-6958
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://redriverparishassessor.org/

Richland Parish

Emmett ''Lee'' Brown, III - Assessor

708 Julia Street, Ste 115
Rayville, LA 71269

Phone: 318-728-4491
Fax: 318-728-6478
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.rpao.org/
Britney Crow, CFO - Office Manager
Laura Sledge, Personal Assistant - Secretary

Sabine Parish

Christopher Tidwell - Assessor

400 S. Capitol Street, Room 106
Many, LA 71449

Phone: 318-256-3482
Fax: 318-256-3481
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.sabineassessor.com/

Darren Rhodes - Chief Deputy
Email: Chief Deputy Email
Heather Brooks - Office Manager
Email: heather.brooks@sabineassessor.org

St. Bernard Parish

Jaylynn Bergeron Turner - Assessor

2118 Jackson Boulevard, Suite A
Chalmette, LA 70043

Phone: 504-279-6379
Fax: 504-279-8791
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.stbassessor.com/

Dawn L. Alphonso - Chief Deputy

St. Charles Parish

Tab Troxler - Assessor

15045 River Road
Hahnville, LA 70057

P. O. Box 303
Hahnville, LA 70057

Phone: 985-783-6281
Fax: 985-783-6593
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://stcharlesassessor.azurewebsites.net/

Timothy Vial - Chief Deputy
Alicia Bustamante, Personal Assistant - Secretary

St. Helena Parish

Wesley Blades - Assessor

351 Sitman Street
Greensburg, LA 70441

P. O. Box 607
Greensburg, LA 70441

Phone: 225-222-4131
Fax: 225-222-4132
Email: w.blades@shassessor.com 
Website: http://sthelenaparish.la.gov/assessor.aspx

Susan Fitzhugh - Chief Deputy
Email: susan.fitzhugh@shassessor.com

St. James Parish

Glenn M. Waguespack - Assessor

5800 LA 44
Convent, LA 70723

P. O. Box 55
Convent, LA 70723

Phone: 225-562-2252
Fax: 225-562-2249
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://www.stjamesassessor.com/

Meredith LeBlanc - Chief Deputy

St. John the Baptist Parish

Lucien J. Gauff, III - Assessor

1811 West Airline Highway
La Place, LA 70068

Phone: 985-652-5311
Fax: 985-652-8746
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.stjohnassessor.org/
Kevin Prudhomme - Chief Deputy
Kenyatie Nelson - Office Manager

St. Landry Parish

Sherri Zeringue McGovern - Assessor

118 S. Court Street, Suite 230
Opelousas, LA 70571

P. O. Box 39
Opelousas, LA 70571-0039

Phone: 337-942-3166
Fax: 337-942-3174
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.stlandryassessor.org/

St. Martin Parish

Richard Todd Dugas - Assessor

415 St. Martin Street
St. Martinville, LA 70582

Phone: 337-394-2208
Fax: 337-394-2209
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://www.stmartinassessor.org/
Lori D. Breaux - Secretary

St. Mary Parish

Jarrod K. Longman - Assessor

P. O. Box 264
Franklin, LA 70538

Phone: 337-828-4100, Ext. 252
Fax: 337-828-2122
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://smpassessor.net/

Donald T. Stephens - Chief Deputy

St. Tammany Parish

Louis Fitzmorris - Assessor

701 North Columbia Street
Covington, LA 70433

Phone: 985-809-8180
Fax: 985-809-8190
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://www.stpao.org

Troy Dugas - Chief Deputy
Donna Kilpatrick, Executive Assistant - Secretary

Tangipahoa Parish

Joaquin Matheu - Assessor

110 N. Bay Street, Room 102
Amite, LA 70422

110 N. Bay Street, Room 102
Amite, LA 70422

Phone: 985-748-7176 (Amite) or 985-345-6226 (Hammond)
Fax: 985-748-3995 (Amite) or 985-543-0419 (Hammond)
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://tangiassessor.com/

Kevin Raiford - Chief Deputy

Tensas Parish

Donna R. Ratcliff - Assessor

201 Hancock Street
St. Joseph, LA 71366

P. O. Box 197
St. Joseph, LA 71366

Phone: 318-766-3501
Fax: 318-766-3503
Email: Compose Email

Hattie C. Ward - Chief Deputy

Terrebonne Parish

Loney J. Grabert - Assessor

8026 Main Street, Suite 501
Houma, LA 70360

P. O. Box 5094
Houma, LA 70361

Phone: 985-876-6620
Fax: 985-876-6631
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.tpassessor.org/

Duffy Duplantis, Jr. - Chief Deputy
Email: Chief Deputy Email

Union Parish

Lance Futch - Assessor

Union Parish
Lance Futch - Assessor

101 North Main Street
Farmerville, LA 71241

Phone: 318-368-3232 or
318-620-6028 (Direct Line)
Fax: 318-368-8010
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.unionparishassessor.com

Brian Sepulvado - Chief Deputy

Vermilion Parish

Gabe G. Marceaux - Assessor

100 N. State Street, Suite 110
Abbeville, LA 70510

Phone: 337-893-2837
Fax: 337-893-1221
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.vermilionassessor.org/

Glenda Gaspard - Chief Deputy

Vernon Parish

Michael C. Bealer - Assessor

301 E. Courthouse Street
Leesville, LA 71446

P. O. Box 1535
Leesville, LA 71496-1535

Phone: 337-239-2167
Fax: 337-239-3176
Email: Compose Email

John Blankenbaker - Chief Deputy
Donna Downs - Office Manager

Washington Parish

James A. ''Jimbo'' Stevenson, Jr. - Assessor

908 Washington Street
Franklinton, LA 70438

Phone: 985-839-7815
Fax: 985-839-7818
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.washingtonparishassessor.org/
Dianne Applewhite - Chief Deputy

Webster Parish

Denise Edwards - Assessor

103 South Monroe
Minden, LA 71055

P. O. Box 734
Minden, LA 71058-0734

Phone: 318-377-9311
Fax: 318-377-9331
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.websterassessor.org/


West Baton Rouge Parish

Chris Guerin - Assessor

850 8th Street, Room 11
Port Allen, LA 70767

P. O. Box 76
Port Allen, LA 70767

Phone: 225-344-6777
Fax: 225-344-6779
Email: Compose Email
Website: https://www.wbrassessor.org/

Lisa H. Tate - Chief Deputy
Zach Weimer - Office Manager

West Carroll Parish

DeAnna K. Smith - Assessor

305 East Main Street,
Oak Grove, LA 71263

P. O. Box 610
Oak Grove, LA 71263

Phone: 318-428-2371
Fax: 318-428-4699
Email: Compose Email

Sherry Felts - Chief Deputy

West Feliciana Parish

Richard Kendrick - Assessor

4785 Prosperity Street
St. Francisville, LA 70775

P.O. Box 279
St. Francisville, LA 70775

Phone: 225-635-3350
Email: Compose Email
Website: http://www.wfassessor.com/

Stewart Hamilton - Chief Deputy
Kelli Daniel, Office Administrator - Office Manager

Winn Parish

Lawrence Desadier - Assessor

119 W. Main St., Courthouse Bldg., Room 101
Winnfield, LA 71483

Phone: 318-628-3267 or 318-628-2147
Fax: 318-648-7602
Email: Compose Email

Sherry Potts - Chief Deputy

Louisiana Assessors Information

CLICK HERE for printable contact information on the Louisiana Assessors’ Association, the office of all Louisiana Assessors, and a map of Parishes in Louisiana.

Louisiana Tax Commission:

Telephone: 225-219-0339
Fax: 225-219-0373

1051 North 3rd Street, Suite 200
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Post Office Box 66788
Baton Rouge, LA 70896-6788