Louisiana Assessors' Association

Louisiana Assessors' Retirement Fund

The Louisiana Assessors' Retirement Fund was created in 1950. It is administered by a board of trustees as authorized under Louisiana R.S.11:1401. The president, vice president and treasurer of the Louisiana Assessors' Association also serve as officers of the Retirement Fund. Assessors and full time employees of assessors' offices are required to participate in the fund.

Retirement benefits are available for persons who meet the age eligibility and have earned the required years of service credit. Active employees who become disabled may qualify for benefits. Benefits are also provided for surviving spouses or designated beneficiaries and minor children.

New 2017 Payroll Lists:

     Re-Employment of Retiree
     Payroll list for small offices 2 to 17 employees
     Payroll list for medium offices less than 35 employees
     Payroll list for large offices greater than 35 employees
     PDF version of payroll list 


This information is valid as of July 1, 2016 and is meant to be an extract of the most important Louisiana Revised Statutes related to the Assessors’ Retirement Fund effective on that date. Other sections of the state’s revised statutes and/or federal codes and regulations may affect members’ retirement benefits. All of this information is subject to legislative amendment and revision and/or changes that may be adopted and implemented by the fund’s Board of Trustees without notice.


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Telephone: 225-928-8886  toll free 800-925-4446
Fax: 225-928-4677

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Louisiana Assessors' Retirement Fund
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Louisiana Assessors' Retirement Fund
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